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4X4 Keypad Module
4x4 membrane keypad. Easy to interface with microcontroller. Ideal for HMI applications .....
Rs. 125.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 125.00
Accelerometer ADXL 335
The ADXL335 is a small, thin, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned volta.....
Rs. 227.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 227.00
GPS Module
GPS Module With Antenna. 1575.42Mhz Frequency,3-5V Voltage rating. Highly applicable for engineered .....
Rs. 1,786.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,786.00
HC-05 RS232/TTL Wireless Transceiver Bluetooth Module
Features Brand new and high quality. Suitable for Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth phone use, ma.....
Rs. 380.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 380.00
Joy Stick BreakOut Board
Easy To Use, Two Dimensional Joystick Module. Ideal for wireless robot control. .....
Rs. 129.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 129.00
Laser Module
"Working voltage: 5V Size: mm 15*24 Light source wavelength: 650 nm Weight: 2.2 g Arduino KEYES .....
Rs. 75.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 75.00
Micro SD Card Module
The module (MicroSD Card Adapter) is a Micro SD card reader module, and the SPI interface via the fi.....
Rs. 160.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 160.00
Micro USB Lithium Battery Charging Board Li Ion Li Po Charger Module 5V 1A CC CV
This is high performance Lithium Ion Battery/Cell Charging Module. In order to Charge your.....
Rs. 100.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 100.00
RFID  card
This RFID tag comes in a credit card sized package, which is commonly used in Access Control, Presen.....
Rs. 20.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 20.00
RFID Module
EM-18 RFID Reader Module is the one the most commonly used module for Radio Frequency Identi.....
Rs. 500.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 500.00
Rotary Encoder Module
The rotary encoder can count the pulse outputting times in the process of its rotating in positive d.....
Rs. 90.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 90.00
Sound Sensor Module
For sound detection module has two outputs: 1. AO, analog output, real-time output voltage signal o.....
Rs. 85.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 85.00

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