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12-V Relay
Specification Value Power/Signal Relay Type Miniature .....
Rs. 22.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 22.00
DPDT 12V Relay Telecom
Application Signal Coil Voltage 12V dc Con.....
Rs. 49.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 49.00
DPDT 5V Relay Telecom
Application Signal Coil Resistance 125 Ω C.....
Rs. 55.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 55.00
DPDT Micro Top-Mount Slide Switch
Contact Configuration DPDT Contact Mater.....
Rs. 10.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 10.00
Micro Contact Limit Switch
Voltage Rating 6V Capacity up to 4A capacity .....
Rs. 22.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 22.00
Micro Contact Roller Switch
This Micro Switch with Roller Lever is a small snap action switch with a round wheel at .....
Rs. 27.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 27.00
Push Button (Reset)
Rs. 12.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 12.00
Reset Switch - R6 7h
Rs. 6.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 6.00
Rocker Switch
Type        : illuminated Rocker Switches & .....
Rs. 10.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 10.00
SPDT Toggle Switch
Contact Configuration: SPDT Momentary-Off-Momentary Max Contact Cu.....
Rs. 9.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 9.00
SPST Pushbutton Switch
Amps: 3 Voltage (Vac): 125 Number Leads/Terminals: 2 .....
Rs. 21.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 21.00
Toggle Switch DPDT
DOUBLE POLE, DOUBLE THROW (D.P.D.T) A Switch that has six terminal.....
Rs. 17.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 17.00

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