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Diameter 41.8mm Dimensions 41.8 x 16mm Dri.....
Rs. 27.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 27.00
 LED Blue- High Glow Transparent Cap 3mm
This LED is with transperent cap & provides high glow .....
Rs. 3.50
Ex Tax: Rs. 3.50
100k Potentiometer
Depth 11.11mm Dimensions 9.53 x 11.11 x 5.16mm .....
Rs. 9.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 9.00
11.0592 MHz Crystal Oscillator
A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonanc.....
Rs. 9.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 9.00
Multi-turn Potentiometer Trimmer Pots-1M-3296
Multi-turn Potentiometer Trimmer Pots-1M-3296 ·         R.....
Rs. 9.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 9.00
10 Pin RMC Relimate Connector
Based on 2 reviews.
It is a 10 Pin Relimate male header along with 10 pin female wire connector. It is a through hole ve.....
Rs. 15.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 15.00

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