How to do Robotics Projects at Home?

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How to do Robotics Projects at Home?

Introductory robotics projects made with toy motors, breadboards and other household materials can be a great way to  explore hands-on electronics and robotics. We have tips and reminders to help your  robotics project be fun for everyone and a science education success.

1.       Pick a great project. Find a project that fits you.

2.       Plan ahead. Gather required specialty items/electronics supplies in advance.

3.       Have googly eyes on hand. (An assortment of googly eyes, pipe cleaners, colored electrical tape, buttons, and other craft supplies may be very useful.)

4.       Keep the goal in mind. (If the project is for fun rather than for an assignment, the building itself may be the focus, not the testing of different versions or variables.)

5.       Verbally identify all the materials before you begin. This also helps you make sure you know what each item is—and ensures you are not missing a critical piece!

6.       Follow the step-by-step directions. Pull them up on a device—or print them out.

7.       Be patient. Wait until a step is completely finished before moving on

8.       Don't worry if things are not perfectly straight. (Perfectly straight isn't the sign of a successful robotics project!)

9.       Be prepared for singing and/or chanting throughout the project.

10.   Be a problem solver and to think creatively. "The looped tape you used isn't holding the motor in place? What else could you try?" "That jumper wire is a bit longer than the gap? How can you make it seem shorter?"

11.   stop and check their build at various points to help ensure you have configured things properly before moving on to next steps.

12.   Remain calm if it doesn't work.

13.   Be prepared to go back through the steps and troubleshoot if it does not work at first

14.   Celebrate the successful completion of the robotics project! what a great job you  did building your bot!

15.   Ask the all-important last question: "What kind of robot should we build next time?"

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